Melting Landscapes- Artico

Always I´ve been fascinated by the Arctic universe, the beauty of a wild nature in white, the journeys of explorers to this inhospitable world, but I never imagined that a winter would find me there, walking on endless landscapes, alone, feeling a mixture of peace, freedom and fear; or traveling with the Inuit fishermen among the giant icebergs that float on a surface that gives vertigo. My focus was to photograph landscapes of ice, forged in times immemorial, silently lumber toward their own disappearance, toward the limits of what is visible.

For thousands of years the Arctic had remained unchanged; an imposing universe, that also conceals an acutely fragile equilibrium. The massive burning of fossil fuels has lit the fuse on global warming. The continued melting of marine ice is deactivating the colossal planetary thermostat that is the Arctic Sea. Very soon, over the coming years, there will be no more icescapes in the summers of the North Pole. And even if the emissions stop today, the planet will continue to heat up as a result of the discharge into the atmosphere. Two degrees Centigrade. A two-degree difference with respect to the average pre-industrial temperature is what safeguards the Earth from a point of no return.