Iran: new generation


The 25 million Iranians aged between 15 and 30, who will bear the responsibility for defining the future of the Islamic Republic, represent an enormous potential for change. However, the ‘K’ Generation (born under Khomeini and educated under Khamenei) live in frustration due to the lack of vision of their leaders and feel strait-jacketed by the restrictions imposed on them.

At the gates of the University of Teheran, the largest and oldest in the country, the brownish-grey colour of the official dress code aesthetic render the students almost indistinguishable. However, in the streets of the city a much wider range of colours is worn. Whether conformists or rebels, socially active or passive hedonists, workers or students, young Iranians are still permitted to dream of freedom even though their future seems bleak. And, unlike their neighbours in the Middle East, they have already been inoculated against religious radicalism.