The Anthropocene is the new era on the Planet where the climatic, geological and biological changes that are taking place are, to a large extent, attributable to the activity of the human being.

When analyzing what reasons have caused the emergence of this new geological era, two main causes can be discussed: the energy production model and the resource consumption model. The energy produced from coal, oil and natural gas emits large amounts of greenhouse gases, the main causes of global warming. On the other hand, population growth leads to the need for greater use of natural resources that, at present, exceeds the Earth's ability to regenerate them.

These actions of the human being cause, among other consequences, changes in the water cycle, imbalances and destruction in marine and terrestrial ecosystems, the increase in extreme weather events, the acidification of the oceans or the disappearance of forests, geological modifications due to the extension of urban planning.

It is necessary to tackle the problem from its origin, decarbonizing the economy and using renewable and non-polluting sources of energy such as the sun, water and wind. Also making responsible and equitable use of natural resources.