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In a world where the silence is a rare privilege, one can still find small communities searching for spiritual peace through silence, humility and prayer. This is how devout followers of various beliefs find meaning for their lives in monastic orders, as well as shelter for living in harmony with themselves and others. Above all, they yearn for the opportunity to approach their own God.

For years I approached monastic life and only in the portraits of them praying I approach the essence of the monk: his communion with his God. There I glimpse that spirituality is consciousness, that which helps us connect with our essence and that provides the feeling of merger, but which is not linked to religion and in many cases are antagonistic.
They are not aware of being photographed, I want to show absorbed faces, hieratics, far from possible masks that remains attached to the character like a shield raised in the confrontation of gazes.

Carthusian and Orthodox monks
Monks 03.jpg
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Nagas in Kumbh Mela, India

Nagas 03.jpg
Nagas 04.jpg
Nagas 07.jpg
Nagas 08.jpg
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